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Update on January 2018

Chimy, it comes from chimot which was my nickname in my childhood and its transform to be a chimy and some of my goodfriends know me in that name than my real name. I write this blog during my spare time as a house wife/student and mother of 2 (Niina 2012 & Niilo 2017), so i would like to share here about my hobby and interest and motherhood "things".
After spending my 7 years (2004-2011) in Yogyakarta (and Solo as i worked there for a while) and graduated from Gadjah Mada University as a forester, i worked for a while in furniture company in Klaten. Then i'm married and moved to Joensuu, Finland and had been stayed there for 3,5 years (2011-2015). And we moved again to Hanoi, Vietnam and living there as en expat for about 3,5 year (2015-2018) and did my Fashion Design study for 1 year. Currently we're living in beautiful city of 

What's is here:
  1. Sewing
    Here is share my sewing experience, project, tutorial and also my study journey.
    I learn sewing since i was 10 if i remembered. Started with making some barbie's dree and i attending some sewing course on that time. This hobby stays with me and i did many sewing project, improving my skill by learning it by my self. I sew without knowledge or rules, not all project will be succeed but i just enjoyed to do it until now.
    Lately, I take some course as fashion designer in London College for Fashion and Design in Hanoi. I enjoyed study there even though it was so much pressure and full of homework. I did well my study, got a lot of new knowledge and experience to improve my skill especially for my sewing hobby.

  2. Cooking and Baking
    Sharing the recipe from the food what i make for home.
    It's not professional recipe, but i'm happy with the taste. I have been really enjoy doing things in the kitchen, but not that excited anymore as before. I take some pre cooking school while i was in Finland as i planned continue study in bakery subject. I applied school and got the seat but unfortunately we needed to move to Vietnam on that time. Nowadays, i do some baking for having fun with Niina.

  3. Daily Vlogs
    Here is mostly my videos from youtube, about daily activity and challenge, motherhood stories, living in Finland and some other vlogging stuffs.

  4. Others
    Other things interesting and informative i would love to share, including travelling, photography, some parenting tips, special moment,  etc. 

Enjoy reading, feel free to contact me and I don't talk politics

Thanks for reading.
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